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Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund

'The Alexandria-Fairfax Alumni Chapter Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund (KSEF) was incorporated March 8, 1990. It is a tax-exempt 501C(3) organization whose purpose is to promote the general welfare and the development of youth. KSEF provides scholarships, grants, loans, and other types of financial aid to worthy African-American college students and prospective college students who might find it difficult to attend college otherwise. Ten scholars are awarded $8,000 in scholarship funds which are managed across a four-year enrollment.

KSEF monitors scholars throughout college years in order to provide mentorship, career counseling, job placement assistance, and encouragement. Scholars attend a myriad of institutions ranging from historically black colleges and universities to ivy league schools. KSEF is proud of the over 90% graduation rate of its scholars.


Each year our STEM students build Robots, program tablets , and build their own computers. Our students compete around the regional and national STEM confereences, showcasing their competency and mastery in a variety of scientific fields.



We believe all young men can achieve their dreams, embrace who they are, and can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build African‐American male leaders of the future through financial support of higher educational pursuits and other enrichment programs that enhance the community.


Our Vision

What we aspire to be:

The vision for KSEF is to be the best Afro‐American centric scholarship granting and community service organization in the greater Washington DC area, adequately funding all programs and providing a springboard for Afro‐American youth (middle to graduating high school) to become successful citizens and assets to their community. A non‐profit organization that excels at anticipating, assessing, and supporting the raising of funds to provide financial and educational opportunities for young men.

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Letter from the President


The Alexandria-Fairfax (VA) Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund, Inc. (AF-KSEF), has a clear strategy and vision to increase our capacity to send more black men to college, kids to camp, and feed families in 2018-2019 fiscal year. As a tax-exempt 501(c)3, our team of retired military and business executives work hard on delivering world class educational and social program services to anyone seeking assistance. Operationally, we focus on partnerships and fundraising to enhance AF-KSEF programs and increase the variety of programs accessible to the community. Our donors provide feedback, ideas, and recommendations to strengthen our footprint within the community and incentivize the AF-KSEF Board to creatively and aggressively grow our Endowment.

As President, my focus areas are not only key to strengthening our ability to continue to impact the lives of youth, but also better ensures the realization of my vision of elevating AF-KSEF into the premier Afro‐American centric scholarship granting and community service organization in the greater Washington, DC area.

We at AF-KSEF truly believe in the mantra “it takes a village.” We hope that you will become a new donor or reaffirm your commitment to supporting the various fundraising campaigns and programs highlighted within this website. We can succeed with your generous tax deductible contributions. We hope this new website is a testament to our recommitment to improving the Donor experience and helps us tell not just our story, but your story as well.

I, along with my high-performing Board of Directors, am extremely excited to continue to work on your behalf and tell the AF-KSEF story of what we do within the community. We hope that you will put your trust and support in AF-KSEF.



Mr. Wilder  D. Smith

President, Alexandria-Fairfax Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund

Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Alexandria-Fairfax(VA)Alumni Chapter Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund was incorporated March 2, 1990. KSEF is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide financial assistance to deserving students through scholarships and other types of financial aid who might find it difficult to attend college otherwise. 

Email: info@afksef.org

Phone: 703-765-6343

Registered Charity in Virginia

Learn More about what we do....

  • Scholarships

    4-year College Scholarships for graduating under-represented students to the school of their choice.


    A 5-day overnight camp at no cost to parents to learn leadership, outdoor activites, and interact with law professionals.

  • NOVA Project Giveback

    We raise funds and distribute food to over 500 families in need of food assitance during the holiday season for the past 10 years.

  • Mentoring

    We nuture middle and high school students academic and professional amibitions for the past 40 years.

  • STEM

    Train students in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM), build curriculums and travel to regional and national competitions.

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